Mini Modulador Ágil MATCM-45 CH 2/135

The MATCM-45 is a microprocessor controlled rebroadcast quality, phase locked loop synthesized, frequency agile CATV/TV television modulator. The double conversion and superior SAW filtering provides adjacent channel compatibility and spurious free output. The MATCM-45 provides 45dB output level from 50 to 864MHz in-cluding CATV and TV frequencies. The channelization configuration can be changed by the up/down buttons located on the front panel.


  • Double heterodyne conversion.
  • 45dBmV minimum @50-864MHz.
  • Automatic band splitting filters for superior carrier to noise ratio.
  • SAW filtered.
  • Supports TV, CATV, frequency and lock function.
  • FCC frequency offset with automatic setting.
  • Pre-emphasis defeat switch accessible from side panel for the insertion of composite BTSC stereo signal.



Output Channels:CATV Ch 2 ~ 135  –  TV UHF Ch 14 – 69
Output Level:45 dBmV min. with 10dB level control
Output Impedance:75 Ohms
Output Frequency Stability:+/- 2KHz
Audio/Video Ratio:-11 ~ -30 dB
Spurious Level:-60 dBc
C/N (In-Band):60 dBc
C/N (Out-Of-Band):> 60 dB
Input Level:0.5 V p-p for 25 KHz peak deviation
Input Impedance:10K Ohms RCA jack
Preemphasis:75 microsecond
Flatness:1.5 dB (15 Hz to 15 KHz)
Input Level:0,8 V p-p minimum for 87.5% modulation
Input Impedance:75 Ohms, F connector.
Frequency Response:±1.2 dB, 30 Hz to 4.2 MHz
Input Level Range:+0.7 Vpp ~ 1.4 Vpp
Differential Gain:<5%
Differential Phase:<5°
Operating Temperature:0 ° to 50 °C
Power Input:5 VDC @ 0.4A, 12 VDC @ 0.25A