Line extender Rayvert 870 MHZ con retorno

The LEX80 is an advanced bi-directional amplifier typically deployed in the line portion of the RF network, providing RF signal gain with minimal distortions. It has an amplifier module with a power supply range 40-90Vac at 50/60Hz. Configurable as a single output device, LEX80 offers high gain, compatible plug-in accessories, two diplex filters, and an optional second output via a modular splitter or directional coupler.

LEX80 amplifiers incorporate high quality push-pull and parallel GaAs hybrids to provide the highest output and lowest distortion levels possible. A regulated power supply along with a die casting aluminum alloy heat sink case provides the reliability required for operation in the most hostile environments. LEX80 has two test points, one for forward input and one for forward output, directly accessible from the housing cover, which simplifies the maintenance. It also has the optional accessories CTF and Therm for compensating the loss of cable caused by the change of temperature in both forward and return path.


Forward PathReturn Path
Bandwidth54 to 870MHzBandwidth5~42 MHz
Return Loss16dBReturn Loss16dB
Operational Gain*38dBOperational Gain24 dB
Gain Adjustment0dB to -20dB plug-in adjustable, 1dB per stepGain Adjustment0dB to -12dB plug-in adjustable, 1dB per step
Equalizer0dB to -18dB plug-in adjustable, 2dB per stepEqualizer0dB to -12dB plug-in adjustable, 1dB per step
Noise Figure8dBTest Points-20±1dB
Test Points-20±1dBRF Impedance75 Ohms
RF Impedance75 Ohms  
Link PerformanceCNR -62dBc
CTB -70dBc
CSO -70dBc
Standard Input Level12dBmV  
Operational Output level**50dBmV  


*Based on one single output. 34dB operation gain for two equal outputs
** Based on one single output. 46dBmV output level for two equal outputs


SP10055 MHz.870 MHz.
Insertion loss3,5 dB4,2 dB
Isolation29 dB24 dB
DC100-855 MHz.870 MHz.
Insertion loss1,7 dB2,1 dB
Tap loss8,5 dB9,5 dB
Isolation29 dB23 dB
DC100-1055 MHz.870 MHz.
Insertion loss1,4 dB1,9 dB
Tap loss11,5 dB12,5 dB
Isolation29 dB23 dB
DC100-1255 MHz.870 MHz.
Insertion loss1,4 dB1,7 dB
Tap loss14 dB14,5 dB
Isolation29 dB23 dB


Power40~90 VAC (50/60Hz)
Power consumption25W
RF ConnectorF
Dimensions (L x W x H)255 mm x 195 mm x 120 mm
Operating Temperature:-20ºC to +50ºC